Thursday, November 17, 2011

Really crazy!!

It has been a crazy month. Started with RKC Ireland. 10 days in Ireland with the love of my life, Oh yeah I had to teach at the RKC too. Laura and I had a great time trekking all over the beautiful landscape. Not to mention that we all got the royal treatment from our Irish brothers and sister D, Paul and of course Carmel
It's amazing how people can feel like family from the first day you meet them.

After we got back to CA Laura and I had 20ish days before a wedding. In that time I think I saw Laura for a total of about 24hrs in those 20ish days leading up to our wedding. She was on a roll and busting out orders and plans like it was her job! The result was the most special day of my almost 40 years of life. I still can't believe that I'm this lucky. I can not wait to see what unfolds for us, it's going to be an unreal adventure.

That's a quick update of life in my world. I am amazed everyday by those around me AKA the Sacks family. Thank you all for helping me be a better me.