Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday with Mikey

Trained with Mike again yesterday. He said that he wanted to work hard so here is what we did, short but sweet.

Walking see saw press double 24kg
3x55' which works out to about 10-12 reps per side per set.
I go you go style

3x5 L,R

Atomic Push (push with feet elevated in the straps followed by a knee tuck) in up on the TRX straps

Plans for California are moving along swiftly and we will be on the road in no time.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Unintentional GPP

I went over to my parents house yesterday because my Dad needed a hand. So I showed up to their house to find a 6 ton pile of gravel a shovel and a wheelbarrow. For the next three hours I shoveled and wheeled, shoveled and wheeled.

I didn't know what I was in for but after all this time I should have known better.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This weeks training

Here is my training for this week.

Monday with Mikey

Standing log press
3x5 with 160 pounds
1x25 with 80 pounds
3x3 decline sit up done Pavel style

24 kg snatches
3x15 L,R
1x40 L,R

Power ropes
8x20 seconds
Renegade rows 5x5L,R 36kg bell from Russia
Kickstand lunges 5x5 double 36kg
Decline sit up 3x3

TGU 5 minutes 24kg perfect form

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting things ready

I have been busting my ass getting things set up to make my move as fast and easy as possible. I think I have my gym and house sold already, SWEET!!! Next is finding a place in Cali. and getting my wife a job and we will be off. Training has gone well this week.
Monday with Mike

Finger tip pull ups on Pump Rocks 3X3
One arm olympic bar press
1x5L,R 45#
1x5L,R 55#
1x5L,R 65#
1x5 L,R 75#
1x1R, 1/2 L 95# Form broke down totally my fault
Power ropes
6x 20 seconds BTTW(balls to the wall)

Swings 32kg various styles short sets adding up to 300 reps

Wednesday Did the beginning of KB class with the class. I didn't have any new people so I joined in.
5 min snatch test 24kg 130 reps
2 min rest
5 min TGU

Hip Belt squats
1x10 4 45# plates
4x8 5 45# plates
Suitcase DL
1x3L,R 95#
1x3L,r 115#
1x3L,R 135#
1x1L,R 155#
Power ropes 3x20 seconds BTTW
Leg raises 2x3

1x10L,R 24kg
1x10L,R 28kg
1x10 L,R 32kg

Russian Twist with barbell 2x10L,R

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Training and stuff

I haven't posted anything in a awhile because life has been a bit nuts this week. First off everybody is freaking about the move, parents, friends, clients/friends and the whole rest of the world. You forget how many people are involved in your life until something like this goes down. I'm really shocked at how many people are effected by decisions that are made in my life. I knew this was going to be tough but holy cow!

I have been lucky in the last 11 years to have trained and become close with so many great people. They have all shaped my life and career in one way or another and I thank all of you for that. Change is a very scary thing and this was a very hard decision for me to make. I know that if Jen and I don't do this I will always wonder WHAT IF? On the flip side now everybody has a good reason to fly out to California.

training for the week

Wednesday night did snatches and presses with class. body still a mess from the trip
C&P 3x5L,R 24kg
Snatches 5x10 L,R ended up doing 1x 10,10,10,10 then 1x10,10,20,20

Thursday feeling better Gym Boss 40 work 20 rest 4x thru 4 exercises = 16 min

Push up dropping down to elbows and back up between every rep
Pull over sit up 24kg
Snatches 24kg one side per round
Deck squats

Didn't post this before now because I put both of my KB classes through this on Saturday and they loved/hated it

Two finger pull ups on the pump rocks 3x3
BUP 1x5 16kg 1x3 24kg 1x1 28kg

Still battling the elbow thing that I got from wrestling with my dogs a few months ago.