Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday I was sitting next to a couple and their 4 month old baby boy. This made me think of my 92 year old Grandmother who has been fighting to stay alive for the last three weeks. When she was 4 months old I bet she would never imagine all of the things she would see and experience during her life. It made me happy and sad all at once.

Today at 5:00pm my Grandmother passed away. It was very difficult for me to let her go, but she is much better off now. I really feel for my father, he has lost both of his parents in the last year and a half and that bothers me tremendously. They were the best Grandparents a person could ever ask for and they will be dearly missed.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Things are still nuts around here. So this is what I've done this week

Monday, no training to damn whooped

Tuesday, 20kg snatches 20x6 L,R Vo2 max style, TGU 32kg 3x3L,R

Wednesday, nothing

Thursday, Hip belt squats worked up to 6 plates for 3x3, double 32kg step ups 3x6L,R claf raises

Friday, C&J short cycle double 24kg 5x10, Hanging leg raise 3x3

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life in the fast lane

I haven't been posting much in the last week. I have been running all of over the place. this weekend was no exception. I went with my dad and brother to the Motocross of Nations. Think, Olympics of motocross racing. The race was held at Budds Creek, in Maryland. This is 8 hours from my house and we drove back Sunday night after the races were over. I had 3 hour of sleep from 3am to 6am early Monday morning. Holy crap was I whooped. It was worth it the last time this race was in the states was 20 years ago. Oh yeah the US team killed everybody.

Friday, September 21, 2007

What a crazy week

This week has gotten away from me for sure. I feel like I have been running around with my head cut off. So my training has been all over.

On Tuesday I did a bunch of stuff DARC, MP, overhead squats, pistols and hanging leg raise. All the KB stuff was with a 32kg.

Then tuesday night I was chillin on the floor with the bulldogs and started coughing and low back and right glute cramped so bad I could hardly stand up. In the morning I was hurtin and straight to the foam roller. Holy S@^*!!! I had a wicked knot in my ass.

Thursday I was starting to feel better more foam roll and I was 90%. Did pull ups 3x3, Chin ups 3x3, Off set pullups off the Pump Rocks, one hand high and one low then switch 2x3. Finished with get up sit ups 3x3L,R 40kg

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Stuff

I have a new team member in my gym, Amy Dudley RKC ! She was in St. Paul for the Sept. cert and killed it. She is a welcome addition to the RKC family and is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one to my facility. She will be doing one on one training and classes for Better Bodies of Medina. Her class times are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:15. Shoot me an email for her information.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Try to keep the blood moving

I'm having no luck lately. Got a wicked head cold can't smell a damn thing and I think there is a 48kg sitting in my sinus cavity. So today was just about doing something.

Pull ups 3x3
TGU 24kg 3x3

Done. They all felt like I was using the 48kg, being sick SUCKS!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Front squats
double 24kg 1x5
double 32kg 3x3
pistols 3x3 L,R
and I played with the bent press for fun 24kg

Anger is a great fuel

I don't get angry often. Yesterday was one of those days when it was bubbling under the surface. I could feel it. So I burnt it up with a couple hundred MP and some pull ups.

Did this with an old client who sometimes comes by to do whatever workout I'm doing for the day. We did this in the I go you go fashion.

24kg MP 10x10 L,R
Pull ups 5x5

All in about 30 minutes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clash with the bulldog

Here is the setting. 31/2 year old Maximus (my American Bulldog) who is not fixed! Female dog somewhere within a 2 mile radius that is in heat. Result, one 135 pound love machine that is trying to hump everything in his way for the last three days!!! This includes one of my other dogs Peanut (100 pound American Bulldog). This doesn't make her very happy.

Monday night after countless little battles between the two it was time for me to step in and show him who is boss. After a brief wrestling match I ended up sitting on top with him on his back. DAMN RIGHT! He submitted and laid there until I told him he could move, cause I'm the king. Problem solved, but I did manage to tweak my elbow tendons damn. I will be getting some deep tissue work to break up the nasty stuff and all will be well.

Training has been pretty random due to some family health stuff. I have done MP, swings and battling ropes. Thanks for listening

PS in that picture Peanut is 6 weeks old and Max is 11/2 and only 115 pounds

Friday, September 7, 2007

Last two sessions

double 24kg MP + front squat 5x5 on each
Single leg dead lift double 24kg 3x5L,R

MP ladders
40kg 3x1,2,3,4 L,R

Monday, September 3, 2007

A night at the dirt track

I went to the sprint car races with my Dad and brother last night and had a blast, but came home a bit dirtier than when I left. Here is a in car of what covered everybody in the stands with dirt. 1375 pounds and 700-800 horsepower

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jeep day 1 and day 1 1/2

This thing is going to be trouble!