Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forgot I had these

John Brookfield put the hurt on us in Aug 2007. We had a good time and did some tough stuff!


That was the name of the game today and a bunch of them. I fell short of what was planned in my head but my body told me I was done with them.

36kg Military Press 8x5/5
Pull ups 3x3
3 mile dog walk.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Weekend

My Dad and brother were in town to the last four days. We had a great time hagging out and going to the Motocross races at Glen Helen. What a blast. We also got to run around and go to the beach, check out some local art and race some indoor go karts. Bones schooled everybody there, which is no surprise to anybody that knows him. That kid can do anything. They headed back to Ohio at 6:00am. I'm sure they will be back out sooner than later.

I trained at the beach today and did the following.

DARC 24kg 2x20
Double 24kg clean and jerk 5x10
See Saw press 24kg 3x 5/5
Snatches 24kg 10/10/10/10
Sled drags in the sand 2x 300'

Friday, May 23, 2008


Hit some high volume presses and swings with 24kg today. That was really about it. Lots of running around.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Severe Weather Warning!!!

You got it a severe weather warning for southern cali today. What was the warning you ask? High surf and high winds. Holy @#$@ better not leave the house my hair might get tussled! So I braved the wind ( which was pleasant) and trained on the beach. Hit the top secret workout and some swing, bottom up cleans and press. That was about it.

The workout is really coming along now very smooth and flows really well. It should be a real killer.

Looking forward to this weekend. My Dad and brother are coming out. We are going to hit the first AMA National Motocross event of the year. Perks of living in California!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Damn Right

I hit the beach yesterday and blasted out some presses. I started slow and realized I was guarding my back. The problem with that is I had no flow, by doing this I can feel it pull on my back. The fix, sack up and swing it like I man. Sure enough no problems with the back when I'm not trying to guard it. So the workout went like this,

16kg swings 1x20
36kg Military Press 8x5/5
36kg swings 1x20

Feeling great this morning!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I took the smart road today and started back easy. Since last weeks back issue. So I headed the the beach and did a ton of H2H drills with a 16kg. I also did the top secret bottoms up snatch rocket as showed to me by none other than W2!
I had my mp3 player going which i don't normally do, I put it on play all random. I have so many songs on there I don't even remember. During my session I learned several things from my MP3.

I learned how to fly. My milkshake IS better than your. I need five minutes alone. I'm the man in the box. Hey ladies!!!

Back in the saddle

I was feeling much better yesterday and I had a 2 hour session with a family. I had to show several demos and everything was good. Then they asked about the bent press. I was showing the movement and my back popped four times and all was right in the world. So I'll keep it simple today.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rearing it's ugly head!

I have a back issue that has reared it's ugly head. This comes from a past injury. Here is the story.

In 2000BKB (before kettlebells) I was into body building and power lifting. I did all the regular stuff. One leg day it was time to squat. Well I was doing a warm up set of 225 and didn't respect the weight. I went rock bottom and started talking to my training partner lost tension and then I stood up. Well on the way up I felt my lower back take the brunt of the weight and that was all she wrote. I spent the weekend crawling around the house with a bag of frozen peas in the back of my pants.

Now years later I seldom have issues with my back. Every once and a while the oddest thing will fire it up. This time it was falling asleep on the couch two nights in a row. I'm walking around like an old man but all will be good in a couple of days. I do have to say that if kettlebells weren't my thing I would be a mess.

I'm off to foam roll, Z and joint mobility.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The difference in kettlebells

There has been some discussion on the difference in kettlebells so I took a picture of three of my bells to show people who may not know the difference. From left to right Dragon Door 24kg 2002, Dragon Door 32kg 2008 and Russian 36 kg year? The finish on each is very different. The Russian and the 2002 DD are the closest to each other. The 2002 is still my favorite ones and the ones I grab first when it's time to train. Now there is nothing wrong with the 2008 bell you just need to do 10 minutes of sanding and you will be all set.

Training today was good. I fell asleep on the couch last night which screwed my lower back up something awful. So I started the day with a bunch of joint mobility to loosen things up. Then went to Hardcore 360 and did pull ups with 12kg for 5x1. After that Jen and I climbed in the car drove two blocks and hit the beach. Where I did military press ladders. I kept the reps the same and increased the weight each set.

24kg 3/3
32kg 3/3
36kg 3/3

and repeat 5 times and call it a day.

California Garages

I have noticed a very odd thing out here. Nobody parks in the garage, not that the weather warrants it but nobody does. So what's the deal? Well let me tell you this I have never seen so many garages with big screen tvs, dart boards, pool tables, carpets and every other man cave option available.

Training yesterday was simple. 24kg get ups for 10 minutes, bottom up presses, and hack squats

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What was I thinking?

Since coming back from Denmark I have been on a quest to find coffee that comes close to the coffee I had over there. Why I didn't buy some and bring it home I will never know. Lets blame it on the time change or something. Kenneth Jay did tell me that he will bring me some when he comes over for the next cert, so I have some on the way. Does anybody know where I can get some????

Yesterdays training was good. The nasty combo that I will be using at the LA cert.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Denmark workout

The participants at the Danish RKC were put through their paces with the program minimum. This consists of swings and get ups. Now if you are using this in your training you can split the two and work swings three days a week and get up on the other two days. This covers all the bases.

At the RKC we did things a little different, of course. I ran the workout and it was very simple. Partnered up, one person does swings and the other does get ups. The person doing the get ups does one on each side while the other person does swings, then switch. The swings are timed by the person doing get ups. The set lasts for ten minutes. Women should use a 12kg and men should us at least a 24kg. If it's easy it's not heavy enough.

I have another workout that will be rearing it's ugly head at the LA cert. Remember that simple is the way to go. Don't change things just to change things.

PS Training today 24kg Get ups 10 minutes straight.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a crew!

What a crew, W2, Kevin and I in DK, no wonder I didn't recover until yesterday. This is a trip I will never forget. There is nothing better than getting to spend time with people that live life. All of us enjoyed every second of this trip and would do it again in a minute!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kevin Perrone is a ROCK STAR!

In the streets of Denmark Sunday night after the cert.

I'm a mess

I talked to my good friend David Whitley yesterday and he told me about the Danish bird flu. From the sounds of it I have the same issues going on. I have been light headed, hungry, and whooped since I landed. I taught class this morning and it was like an out of body experience. I'm going to try to get things back in order slowly but surely. I think some swings will help me reset things later today.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I just got home, holy crap the clock says 8:38 pm on Tuesday and my body thinks it's 5:37am on Wednesday. WOW what a trip!!! My team did great I'm glad that I was able to work with all of them. Denmark is one great place to be, I wish I could have stayed a bit longer.

The RKC is like nothing else on the planet. I have said it before and will say it again. The RKC is a life changing experience to all those that attend, instructors included. I thought I was going to be able to ramble on here but my mind won't work right now. I guess I will try again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 2

Team Nepodal is looking strong!!!! They have taken a 180 degree turn in the last two days. I guess it is because of their great instructor. I have been lucky with this group, they take direction very well and it shows.

Denmark is an incredible place I feel very lucky for being invited to teach this certification. I love spreading the RKC word, I'm lucky that I can do something that I love.

PS check out Rifs blog for some great video clips from the last couple of days.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day one in Denmark

Day one in the books and all went great. I taught the clean and ran the second workout of the day. I have a great team and they are coming along nicely. We have two more days of pain coming, I hope they are up for it. I have to go to dinner so I will check in tomorrow and we will see how they fair.