Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back from my Northeast Ohio tour. Things are very different there, a bit more on that in the coming months. The workshop was a blast, I will post pictures soon. All that attended were great and worked very hard for the 4 hour ass kicking.

I also had time to meet up with several good friends and hang out and shoot the breeze. That is always fun to get the low down on everything since I was back last time. Always drama in a small town where everybody knows every one's business.

I did have a strange observation when landing in Cleveland. I realized that I felt like I was coming to visit and I didn't feel like I was going home. My home is in California, Ohio is where I go to visit family and friends. What a difference a year and a couple of months make.

The last few months have been the some of the most hectic and happy in as long as I can remember. I really feel like I'm hitting my stride and life is better than it has ever been.

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Franz Snideman said...

Congratulations on the seminar in Ohio! Looks like it went very well!!!