Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 31

I have a class at noon today then I'm heading to Santa Barbara to workout with some friends on the beach. Yes, Dec 31 and working out on the beach how rough is my life. Tomorrow I'm heading in to the mountains to find my favorite road and sit up top and watch motorcycles and cars tear at the pavement.

The weather is back to normal from the cold 5os to the upper 60s to low 70s. A boy could get spoiled by all this, I guess that is why I moved out here.

This week has been good Senior RKC Geoff Neupert and his wife stopped out and visited on their way down to LA. It is always good to hook up with my brothers from the RKC. We have really become family.

Speaking of family I think my brother is coming out the first week of Feb. to got to a concert and supercross race. That is if he gets off his ass and buys a plane ticket!

2009 promises to be fantastic with so many new possibilities on the horizon. Happy New Year!


Mark Toomey said...


Happy New Year, my brother! Vincent and Pierce have asked me if you would be willing to be their substitute father for 2009. I will forward you the approximate cost of supervising their mayhem. Good luck...

Kirsten said...

So ... I am in RI watching the SNOW!!!! Got to admit ... I am kind of excited. Have fun on the beach!

Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...


Happy New Year, how about uncle for 2009 that way I don't have all the costs, I just do the fun stuff.

Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...

I hope you and wonder dog have had a great holiday season. Enjoy the snow I don't miss it a bit!

Laura said...

Happy New Year! I hope this year is the best yet for you, and filled with good times and great adventures.