Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad planning

I was so into my homework I didn't realize that it was time for my workout. So I jumped in the JEEP and hit the field. Order of the day the grad workout, since I have to lead it in about a week. 2 24kg bells and 100 yards. I had two killer tunes on the Ipod both from Pantera, song one Suicide note part 2, song two Domination great stuff and ready to roll. At about the 50 yard mark both lats cramped up!! What was that all about? Did it slow me down? HELL NO!!!! I was more determined than ever and pushed on. After I was done I couldn't figure out what was going on, until I had one thought, I didn't drink any water today. Hello that is kind of important.

As I was pulling the links for the two songs I listened to for my training it hit me. That is some rough stuff!! I didn't always listen to this type of music. It's all my brothers fault. You see we both worked at a car stereo shop for a few years. I blew the motor up in my car and while it was getting fixed I rode to work with Bones. He had one of the loudest car systems in the state and loves his heavy metal. The next two weeks were ball to the wall heavy metal everyday to and from work. Then I got my car back, and the first day I had it, I found myself with one of his tunes stuck in my head, ALL DAY! From that point on it was a lost cause.

The scary part now is I listen to stuff and don't think that it's that heavy. I do get a kick out of pulling the JEEP up next to people with my choice of music playing. The shaved head, heavy metal, sunglasses and the kilt put them right over the edge. They will avoid eye contact at all costs and I wonder why people think I'm mean. LOL


Kirsten said...

Oh if they only knew how sweet and gentle you really are ... oh and totally tough and kick ass at the same time. :)

Iron Tamer said...

Pantera was one of my favorite bands. I saw them probably a dozen times, the first time was at a small club in 1992, a few weeks before Vulgar came out. They finshed their set and then came out and drank beer with us until the place closed.

Unfortunately, I thin that Phil started to believe his own hype and turned into a real dipshit.

Of course Dime is a fallen legend. I might have to crank some out today.....

Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...


Laura said...

Fuckin' metal, SO good. Bootin' up a concert soon for sure!