Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hit the gym again

I hit the gym today where I will be teaching classes once a week in the near future. I got a little better reception this time. Part of it had to do with an article that was published about me last weekend. I also think people are getting used to seeing the crazy guy swinging that thing around in the gym. So I think that once class starts things are going to be crazy. So for my workout I did 5 minutes of snatches with the 24kg for 100 reps. Then 24kg overhead walks around all the cardio equipment. I did 6 laps 3 left and 3 right. This got a ton of people talking and asking me questions which is just what I wanted. Things are looking up.

Here is a scary thing. I read a list of things you can do with Kool-Aid other than drink it. I tried one today to clean you dishwasher. Two packets ( the stuff you have to add sugar to) of orange Kool-Aid and start the cycle. I opened it up when it was done and the thing was spotless.


Anonymous said...

Doug. He's so hot and unconventional right now!


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Doug's article complete with a comment from someone who is just dying to stick his foot into his mouth if he ever picks up a kettlebell under an RKC's supervision.


Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...

Yeah I saw that Tim. I have a feeling that he might be a local trainer.

Laura said...

Or simply a local douche.

Renee York said...

Obviously this crackhead has never done a VO2 max workout.......if he did he would get how that alone addresses all ten measures of athleticism and fitness! :)