Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clash with the bulldog

Here is the setting. 31/2 year old Maximus (my American Bulldog) who is not fixed! Female dog somewhere within a 2 mile radius that is in heat. Result, one 135 pound love machine that is trying to hump everything in his way for the last three days!!! This includes one of my other dogs Peanut (100 pound American Bulldog). This doesn't make her very happy.

Monday night after countless little battles between the two it was time for me to step in and show him who is boss. After a brief wrestling match I ended up sitting on top with him on his back. DAMN RIGHT! He submitted and laid there until I told him he could move, cause I'm the king. Problem solved, but I did manage to tweak my elbow tendons damn. I will be getting some deep tissue work to break up the nasty stuff and all will be well.

Training has been pretty random due to some family health stuff. I have done MP, swings and battling ropes. Thanks for listening

PS in that picture Peanut is 6 weeks old and Max is 11/2 and only 115 pounds


Aaron Friday said...

LOL! I remember catching Elsa with a few triangle chokes over the years, just to show her I'm still the boss when I'm down.

Nut removal would help, too, don't you think?

Aaron Friday said...

Peanut is cute as hell, reaching up like that to eat.

Doug said...

We were going to breed him but after this I think he might get fixed.

Shirts are on the way. I was out of Fawn's size so I what I had left. I will send the right size when I get new ones from printers.

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, watch yerself dude, maximus might just slip your guard and end up in mount,lol!and then you're in trouble. get that boy fixed, all that lead in his pencil and no one to write to will drive him crazy.