Saturday, November 29, 2008

Does not feel like November

I was thinking about this for the last few days. On Thanksgiving we were sitting out side in the sun waiting for the turkey to be done. It just feels like another day out here. I was invited by Fabio an Gini to join them for dinner at Professor Raul's( also a Gracie Barra instructor ) house for turkey day. Jen was at work and I had no plans so I went with them and had a blast. Before I left I cooked Jen a turkey dinner so she would have something to eat when she got home. I'm good like that!!!

Dinner was fun lots of conversation about training both kettlebells and jiu-jitsu. Then the topic of Brazil came up because Fabio and Gini are gong back for Christmas. Through the course of the conversation Fabio told me that he wants to set up a kettlebell seminar in Brazil and was going to work out the details. Sweet, Jen would love this trip for sure, I guess I will have to fly Bones out to watch the dogs for a week or so. I will keep you informed on the Brazil front.

Training has been really good. Jiu-jitsu at noon and 7:30pm on both Tuesday and Thursdays plus kettlebell training. I have been working lots of heavy presses lately, I want all the kettlebells that Dragon Door make to feel light when I press them. I was at a clients house today and I made him use the beast for his swings. Then it popped into my head that I haven't pressed it for a few months so I had to try. My first attempt was crap! I didn't grip it hard enough which made my clean crap and the press worse. Waited a few minutes and tried again and right up it went no problem. I will be buying a beast in San Jose this Feb. so I can play with it more.

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