Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Really???

I can't believe it is November 19th, still feels like a good summer day in Ohio. I have had several good observation in the last week.

Driving to Santa Barbara on Saturday I could see the smoke hovering over the ridge from the fires, I could also smell them. Which give you a strange feeling because you know that people have lost everything they own in a matter of minutes. One of those people is Dr. Rusty Smith one of the two owners of the gym where I teach in Santa Barbara. I felt helpless when I found out because I could only offer him a place to stay and that was it. If anybody can fight through this it will be Rusty!

On a better note on the way to class Monday night in Santa Barbara the sun was setting over the ocean as I drove. Ten minutes later the sky was a deep purple red and there were 10-15 dolphins just swimming along. How cool is that!!!

Jen and I took the bulldogs to the beach and Peanut got over her fear of the waves and was all in it. She did however learn a lesson. If you drink enough salt water it WILL come out of both ends of your body. Today at the beach she didn't drink a single drop.

Talked to both my parents and brother yesterday. Yeah 4" of snow and ice with more on the way. Can't say I really miss that. It didn't really bother me when I live in Ohio but it is real nice not having to deal with it now.

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Anonymous said...

K. I'l STILL jealous!! I'm back home in AR and enjoying the 65 degree weather and changing leaves....no snow, YET!