Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well worth it!

It was a 5 hour drive to San Jose Saturday, to visit the RKC. What a group of incredible group of people. It's always like going back to summer camp with all of your friends with a little pain thrown in for good measure. The energy at the certs always makes me smile. There is nothing like watching a group of strangers become a family through pain and suffering. Not to mention the transformation that happens to the participants.

I was well represented by Dini Leopoldo. She was a last minute invite and went in only slightly prepared and killed it. All she has left to do is the snatch test and she will be a full fledged RKC. Congrats DINI!!!!

Then I have another crew that came up and waved the Team Nepodal flag HARDCORE!!!!
Rusty, Tim, Laura, Sean, Myk and Bubba were victims on Sunday. The funny part of that is that they do the exercises better than those that were supposed to be teaching them. I stood there like a proud Papa as instructor after instructor, Pavel included, came over to tell me how solid the whole crew was and why they all hadn't signed up for the course. Got love that!!!! Thanks to the SB crew for making me look good.


Tim said...

You're an abusive father but a good one. =D

Thanks Doug!

Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...

Nice work in San Jose Tim. Soon you will be making your way up the RKC ladder.

Cecilia Tom said...

Dini was in our (O'Connor's) team and she was absolutely a joy to work with :-)

And I absolutely dig that kilt. I would have told you that in person, but it seemed you were always being mobbed by a crowd, LOL.

Laura said...

That was a great time! There's nothing quite like the energy that flies around at an RKC cert. Next time though, I'll be going through it -- hell yeah. :)

Thanks for all of your fantastic tutelage, it's no coincidence that we all are getting it so well!