Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach runners

As I was waiting to retest a June RKC attendant this morning I watched several people running on the beach. Most run at a pace that a normal person can walk. Why run??? Then there was one girl that moved along at a good clip. Then my favorite, the guy that I thought was going to put my CPR skills to the test. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is new to running. I watched as he lumbered closer and eventually stopped and collapsed on the sand. He and his Ipod were motionless for a few minutes then a wave came up and brought him to life. He looked angry when the waves got his $150 shoes all wet. So he moved back 5 feet and laid his stuff down and went off to wade in the surf. Now when I lay electronics on the beach I like to keep them dry. This guy wasn't worried about it until a big wave rolled up the beach and wet down ALL of his stuff. Call me crazy but if you leave stuff on the beach in an area where you just got wet wouldn't you think that it will happen again???? I gonna say that he was suffering O2 debt from the run(if you want to call it that).


Anonymous said...

Your observations always amuse me. I tend to think along the same lines when I'm watching people jog. If only they knew that all of that cardio was unnecessary and quite likely to cause repetitive use injuries.

Laura said...

Haha... nice.