Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The wild fires in Santa Barbara are starting to slow down. These are the first fires that I have been close to since moving out here. They happen because it doesn't rain out here. The last time it rained was the day my Dad and brother were out. That was over a month ago and by rain I mean water came out of the sky. In Ohio when it rains it means puddles in the yard and you hope your power stay on. If it doesn't then your basement is going to flood because your sump pumps won't work. So what west coaster call rain is funny to me. With so little rain everything is dry as a bone. One spark can burn down tons of land and everything on it.

As I was driving to class last night the smoke had settled down over the road. It was so thick that some people had their lights on, but it didn't help much. It was a very strange feeling to know that the fires were the cause. About 1/2 way to Santa Barbara the smoke cleared and the sun was out and I was off to the beach. The fires were far from and never got close to the area were we train so it was business as usual.

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John said...


Its funny to come across you here in my hometown. I thought I was the only one using KB in Ventura! I thought you were just up in SB but it looks like you are teaching classes down in pierpont now. I used to train at the beach in pierpont. Got to love the faces when people walk by! Anyways, I thought I would just say welcome. Maybe we will run into each other training around Ventura someday. I usually hit up the highschool, beach, or Arroyo Verde park to do my workouts. Take care.

- John Delaney