Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I survived

IT happened today, the first thing that came out of every bodies mouth when I told them I was moving west. The dreaded earthquake. There was 5.4 earthquake about 90 miles from our house in Chino Hills. I was sitting in a chair reading my RKC manual and I thought wow I feel something moving. I looked up at the light fixture in the room and it was swinging all over the place. I looked at the clock 11:42am, my first earthquake in CA. This however isn't my first earth quake. There were two in Ohio and one of them was a month or so before I left, kinda strange. Anyway after about 20 seconds it was over and I went about my day. It was however ALL over the news even though there were no major problems, even at the epicenter. I guess they have nothing better to do.

I went to beach and was supposed to do a grind workout but wasn't feeling really strong. So instead I worked on a get up that came to me in a vision the other night while I was eating dinner. It is a look what I can do kind of movement, and it's pretty damn hard with the 24kg so I will try the 32kg soon maybe in LA. I will make sure Rif or W2 get video of it for sure. I would tell you what it is but I don't want anybody to kill themselves doing it.

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Laura said...

"I would tell you what it is..."


"...but I don't want anybody to kill themselves doing it."

Bah. Post a disclaimer!

Congratulations on surviving your first Cali earthquake! I still think the threat of tornadoes is a hell of a lot scarier than that of earthquakes.