Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New place to live!

Finally we are done, we have all our stuff in the new place. We are still in boxes but we are in and close to the beach so all is great. I drove bells to the beach for class this morning. I was almost there before I left so that was really cool. This place is going to be cool.

The dogs are getting use to sharing a house. We are in a duplex where we have the bottom so it will take some time to get them not to react to every bump and sound from upstairs. It's been a day and a half and they are already better than yesterday.

Training yesterday was moving everything out of the garage while Jen was at work. The last of which was the washer and dryer. This is always a good time. Nothing makes me feel better than grabbing a washer out of the back of the truck and walking it over to its new home. It does have a tendency to freak out the neighbors, walking around with a washer in your hands. This is WTH at its finest.

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Regale2000 said...

heard the upstairs neighbors are a bit intimidated by 'da dogs' ...