Friday, January 16, 2009


Well today was workout 6 of 18 as prescribed by Sr. RKC Geoff Neupert. Fridays were a good day for me until about 2 weeks ago, now they really suck. You see this is the heavy day of the workout cycle. Without giving anything away, Can you say TENSION!!!??? I can and it sucks bad. Each week there is an added set or decreased rest or both. This is not user friendly!

So with my added set I hit the beach to do the deed. Set 3 felt good set 4 sucked and 5 made me pee a little (not really). The best part about 5 is that it was over and so was the workout.

After the first set I had a cramp under my left shoulder blade. This made me think of my RKC. My Senior ( now Master) RKC was the one the only Brett Jones. At the start of the course he told all of us to let him know if we hurt ourselves during the weekend. Well on the last day I got a nasty cramp in my lats doing military presses. So, I told Brett. He looked at me patted me on the shoulder and said "AAAAWWWW" and walked away with a big grin on his face, I can still see it today. It makes me laugh every time, just like it did that day. So when ever little things come up during training like a cramp I think of that moment and smile and continue. Thanks Brett.

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