Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some days

Some days feel like they last forever. Classes, privates and jiu-jitsu time flies by but the in between times are really dragging. That is strange for me, I guess I have a ton of things on my mind today. All of them are good but trying to get everything to come together is tough, lots of opportunities in the very near future. I'm sure tomorrow will be back to normal 1000 miles an hour that is normal. Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy some deep thoughts. If I come across any good ones I will let you know. There is a novel idea slow down some.

Big UFC fight on Saturday night it should be a good time with my new family (they have adopted me, PORRA!) of Brazilians. Always something fun and crazy with them.


1van said...

ekhart tolle`s "the power of now"

fantastic read ,will help you sort out how to enjoy those quiet times

KBMarty said...

Most people don't know how to fill up the time they have, I know I have been guilty of that. I am starting to crave my routine again. Getting into a rythm, at least for me, is uber necessary. Nothing wrong with stepping back and taking the occasional breath to collect ones thoughts. Godspeed.

Laura said...

I hope that your day went well, and that you ended up finding some fulfillment in all of it!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about porra! Oh porra, meng! This is posted from my new blog btw so you can replace my old one when you wish =)