Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I watched a show on National Geographic this weekend about the Dog Brothers fight club. It's a no holds barred fight club. They use sticks, whips and anything else you can think of it's there. The idea behind the this club is that males need to fight as part of their primal make up. They also claim that someday they will have to protect themselves and their families.

This got my wife and I talking. Was there something that to this idea? She pointed out how I love to watch UFC fights. Which got me to thinking. Why do I like watching UFC? I was a wrestler in my high school years and I loved it. So that is the reason I was first drawn to the UFC. At the same time I do enjoy seeing a good fight. That being said I don't want to go out and beat somebody down to fill my primal lusts. Later the day I was watching a motorcycle race, which is a life long passion of mine. I found myself just as pumped as I watched guys ride a bike at super human speeds with tremendous skills and guts. There is nothing better than braking hard for a corner and laying the bike over into the corner. As you come out of the corner grabbing a handful of throttle, blasting out of the corner and holding on for your life.

Is the primal need for aggression or is it the need for adrenaline? I think it is more about the rush than it is the fight, it makes you feel alive. I think it depends on the individual and their thing, some people climb Everest, some race motorcycles, some fight, some do 1500 swings or press the BEAST.

Humans as a whole are adrenaline junkies and I do think there is something instinctual about it. It is more than a look what I can do attitude, it's the feeling you get after the fact. At that moment you are the only person in the world that has ever done it! It doesn't matter if it's the first time you pressed a heavy kettlebell, win a fight or went 100 miles an hour it's the rush that follows.

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