Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's ON!

Last night Jen and I were walking the bulldogs like we always do, when things got a little tense. We pass a house and heard a lady yelling COME! COME! COME BACK! to me that means loose dog, I was right. I turned around to see a full grown male pitbull running down the side walk and straight at Maximus and I. Keep in mind that a full grown pitbull weigh about 70 pounds and Max is around 150. American Bulldogs were to bred work and protect farms and things like that. That however doesn't mean that they will run when challenged. Sure enough the pitbull kept coming, followed closely by his owner. I could tell the pit meant business. He came straight at Max and stopped and smelled him for a second, then he lunged. This was a bad idea, as Max laid the ass whoopin on him the pit decided that he should stop. His owner grabbed him and apologized repeatedly. I told her that I understood. Then an odd thing happened she thanked me for letting Max kick her dogs ass. She said he needed to be taught a lesson. How do you respond to that? She went her way we went ours and the rest of the walk peaceful. That is a hell of a way to get you heart rate up that's for sure.

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kettlebellmike said...

That a boy MAX you showed him who is top dog ,must be all that fresh meat(tripe) you feed them..