Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rearing it's ugly head!

I have a back issue that has reared it's ugly head. This comes from a past injury. Here is the story.

In 2000BKB (before kettlebells) I was into body building and power lifting. I did all the regular stuff. One leg day it was time to squat. Well I was doing a warm up set of 225 and didn't respect the weight. I went rock bottom and started talking to my training partner lost tension and then I stood up. Well on the way up I felt my lower back take the brunt of the weight and that was all she wrote. I spent the weekend crawling around the house with a bag of frozen peas in the back of my pants.

Now years later I seldom have issues with my back. Every once and a while the oddest thing will fire it up. This time it was falling asleep on the couch two nights in a row. I'm walking around like an old man but all will be good in a couple of days. I do have to say that if kettlebells weren't my thing I would be a mess.

I'm off to foam roll, Z and joint mobility.


1van said...

hey Doug all good

trying to motivate my guys to pass there snatch tests so they can get certified,

so next thursday i`m going for the 200 snatches in 10 mins thought i`d post it here so i don`t chicken out :-)

Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...

It always helps to tell as many people as you can so you can't back out. Remember that is only 10 a side each minute. Go for it.

Iron Tamer said...

"I spent the weekend crawling around the house with a bag of frozen peas in my pants."

That isn't a weekly thing?

Seriously, heal up quick!

Mark Reifkind said...

sorry to hear that dude. I know exactly what thats about and had my own back issues after the trip back from Denmark.Too much time in a seat. Make sure to release the piriformis as well, it really seems to help most of my back clients as well as myself.

Michael Moon said...

Well, I know one thing for sure. If I ever have dinner at your house, I'm not eating the peas!

Glad to hear you're feeling better today!

Authentic Strength Training said...

All it takes is that one slip to break it, and the random motor pattern to realign the spine. What a crazy lever system it is. I had a massive revelation about my back/hips just last night. Glad you are back to 'neutral'