Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hands By Kenneth

Well I did Kenneth Jay's cardio workout on Friday, Monday and today. After Friday my hands were sore but not to bad. Monday, I managed to only get a small blood blister in the middle of my right hand. Tuesday was a normal heavy press workout. Then today cardio Kenneth style. Unknown to me I had a blister on my left hand as well. I had my last morning client tape my hands up as a precaution. Thanks Mike! About 8 sets in I felt the blister on my left hand tear off, two sets later so did the one on my right. Bleeding and sore I did finish the last 12 sets, it's just skin I will grow more. I was going to try again for this Friday but I will have to see. I will have to get the dremel out and sand down the ridge in my callus. Other than that all is well and I feel very good after the workout.

One last thing two of my clients stayed to watch. It's always nice to have a little support. I often train by myself and sometimes you need that extra little push. Thanks Mike and Darlene.


Mark Reifkind said...

when you heal you should try the 15 sec protocol, it's a lot easier on the hands.

Doug said...

Any tips on the callus? It has a square edge on it that I know will tear doing anything

kettlebellmike said...

Thanks for letting me and Darlene enjoy your PAIN!!!!!! seriously that was amazing feat your form was great all the way from the 1st rep to the last one. NICE MAN HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!