Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy doing nothing!

I have California people figured out, they are real good at being busy doing nothing. Let me give you an example. Today Jen and I went to the beach to train. It was 1:00 pm and there were people all over the place walking, reading, tanning and just hanging out. At 1:00 in the afternoon! Then I started to think Jen and I have been in the same mode. Training is picking up but not even close to the pace it was before. Jen is waiting for the state to transfer her nursing license so I guess we too have been busy doing nothing.

So the nothing we did today.
12kg DARC 2x20
8kg MP 5/5x5
8kg Snatches 5/5x5 She just learned this one so we are working on form. She has them down so we are going to pick up the pace soon
8kg waiter's walk 50' L,R
8kg walking MP 6 reps and steps L then 15 swings/6 reps and steps R then 15 swings x 2

24kg DARC 1 x20
Double kettlebell on arm MP with a 24kg and 16kg 3/3x3
One arm swings double KB 24kg+16kg 2x10
16kg H2H while Jen did snatches
24kg waiter's walk
24kg walking MP and swing

A couple of 24 kg overhead throws for fun

Both finished with active rest of a walk down the beach, like I said busy doing nothing.

Pinkie toe update. Thought all was well until two days ago when Max (150 pounds) stepped on it and there was a loud snap followed by intense pain, not good. Then today Peanut (115 pounds) stepped on it and rotated to change direction, followed again by searing pain. Now it is the second biggest toe on my foot. NOT GOOD!!! The cold Pacific ocean did fell quite good though.


Mom said...

Perhaps if you would wear shoes until your toe heals it would speed up the healing process...lol!!.....Mom

Kate said...

always a mom comment.
Just checked out your blog. and let me just say I am totally green with envy. sunny, warm, ocean, beach workouts, and now busy doing nothing. Awesome!
Glad you both are settling in.

Mark Reifkind said...

enjoy the down time. once you get going you will get little rest! I feel your pain.