Monday, August 11, 2008


What a ten days it has been. I taught the UCLA RKC was home for two days and off to St.Paul for the CK-FMS. Last weekend was like summer camp, getting to see all my good friends and making new ones. The thing that was really amazing was stepping back and looking at the caliber of the people that were there, it was the cream of the crop!! Pavel went through the course if that tells you anything.

We learned a great deal this weekend. One of the most significant being, RKC's as a group are pretty stout and our style of training tends to build a strong symmetrical body. This does not mean that we are without our compensations. I found out that a hernia surgery in 2000 has caused a slight restriction in my hip which limits the extension of my hip. This then translates into a compensation in my back. It was a real eye opener, but now I know what I have to work on.

If you haven't been run through the movement screen you need to be, it will really open your eyes and show you what you need to work on. Thank you Gray, Brett, Pavel and Dragon Door for a great weekend.

The kilt will now be a staple at any future RKC. I must have had 20 people ask if I had it with me and of course I did and rocked it like an RKC!!!!

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