Tuesday, August 5, 2008

September 2005

September 2005 was the date of my RKC. I can't believe it has been three years already. It feels just like yesterday. I remember sitting on the plane and thinking about how unreal the whole weekend had been. I get that same feeling now but from a different point of view. I get excited for my team members and now family members because they have no idea how much this will change their lives. You hear the stories time and again about the change in the path that your life was on before and after the RKC. It isn't a coincidence, this is one of the most powerful experiences on the planet. The last day of the cert is always the hardest for me because I know that some people won't make the cut and it's my job to let them know. I have to tell them that they still have work to do and the journey is just starting.

The ones that do make the cut start down a new path as well. Trust me you won't look at life the same way after becoming an RKC. I had a client ask me once if the RKC was a cult. If it is I'm drinking the kool-aid and going down with the Chief Instructor because he has given me opportunities that I could have never imagined. I only hope that these feeling are passed on to the team members that I take along for the ride. The RKC family gets stronger as each certification comes and goes. What will the next three years bring?


Laura said...

It was great talking about your experiences with RKC last night and about it as a whole. I wonder if you really recognize how inspiring you are. You f'ing rock!

The next three years will see me in the family -- that's what'll happen. I'm sure some other stuff will happen too, but y'know...

Kirsten said...

Still trying to wrap my head around it. Kind of hard to put it all in words. But I love that pic of you and Stephanie. :)

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Doug, I'm right there with you. As evidenced by the vibe of the last couple weeks, this School of Strength is the brotherhood that none of us ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

Having the kind of energy and synergy that's shared between you, me, W2, Toomey, KJ, Whitley, Zar, Rif, Brett, O'Connor, and the rest of the leadership makes for an incredible experience for all of us and all who see us do our thing.

And it's all thanks to the Chief Instructor and JDC. We owe them both so, so, so much.