Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's about time!!!

I was driving to class tonight and yawned and it happened. My ears finally popped!!!! They have been plugged up since I landed on Sunday night. The cold is still holding on but at least I can hear now. I have been working the Brettzel and the corrections I need to make because of our findings last weekend. Nothing major but it can always be better.

I have also been working on my get up. You see the way I learned it 6 years ago is very different from the way we teach it know. To force myself to learn the new teaching cues I volunteered to teach this section at the RKC in Sept.


Anonymous said...

Doug you have the hallmarks of a fantastic teacher. Challenging yourself to learn - even doing away with old habits - is a fantastic thing.

Anonymous said...

The next time I see you, we're totally having a "Bretzel off..." A "Bretzel showdown!" :p

Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...

Thanks Tim, I see it the same way.

Sara, IT'S ON!

Kirsten said...

Oh Doug ... be very careful about taking Sara on in a "Bretzel Showdown" ... She is a very intimidating opponent indeed. I have seen her skills first hand. :)

Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...

Kirsten, I'm looking forward the the second half of your RKC review.

As for Sara she is going down!
I have been working on the super Brettzel

Franz Snideman said...


Great seeing you man! Keep doing the Bretzel and heal up from that darn cold!

We all have to get together soon next time we are up in your neck of the woods. Dinner?

Mark Reifkind said...

I've been inadverdently doing a ton of getups myself re-teaching the new way. cool stuff though.

Mark Reifkind said...


I NEED the bretzel t shirt!