Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This sucks

Well it happened I picked up a cold on the plain on the way to St.Paul Thursday. It started to rear it's ugly head on Sunday morning and was full blown somewhere over the middle of the US. By the time I landed I knew I was screwed. While landing my ears wouldn't pop and the pain was unreal. They did let go a bit but I still can't hear all that well. Now my head feels like a balloon and I can't hear a damn thing. Oh yeah and I can't breath through my nose and all my food tastes like crap. WOW what a skirt I'm being!!! Well I hope this will be gone soon and life will be good.

On a good note I just read a blog entry by a ULCA RKC and it was moving, she really understands that the RKC is more than a piece of paper.


Laura said...

It's okay, Doug -- we all already know that you can pull off the skirt very well. ;P So it's all right to bitch sometimes!

I hope you feel better soon. Rest a lot!

Gabi said...

Sounds like it sucks mightily... get well soon, Doug!

And yes, she's amazing.

Mark Reifkind said...

I freakin hate colds, espeically summer colds!I am finding something off myself, unless its allergies, which is worse,lol!
heal fast bro and good to see and work with you at the cert. wish I had a pic of my tall kneeling press though!
see ya soon.