Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Juju!!!

I got this term from a client of mine several years ago. When you just weren't feeling right about something. I had a bad case of bad juju yesterday before my motorcycle ride. The last time I had one of these feelings I ended up in the woods at 70mph!! So I took it easy on my ride, no problems. All day I couldn't shake the feeling so I've made a very hard decision. I'm selling my motorcycle. Holy crap!!!! Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen but it has.

I will own another bike no doubt, but now is not the time. Still walking and being alive because I listen to what my heart is feeling is priceless.

PS I will be buying the Jeep for sure now!!!


Mark Reifkind said...

wow. smart move though. the older I get the more I realize that one disregards these intuitive gut feelings at their own risk. smart dude, smart.
All the years I raced and rode bikes and commuted on my motorcycle I never went down. ANd now I know I used all that up, so no more bikes for me. Mustang's cool though,lol.

Aaron Friday said...

Even if you don't fuck up, your instinct says other people will, which means they will.

This shit is true. Trust you instincts.

Doug said...

Guys that's is why the bike is for sale. I will ride again but not right now.

Anonymous said...

my brother uses "bad juju." there's no better term to embody the looming and ominous vibe...whats the juju on the move???

Doug said...

Sara, going out in Oct. to check things out.

Iron Tamer said...

what move?