Saturday, May 5, 2007

Friday's work

I have never been a good deadlifter, it would always turn into a stiff legged dead. Great for the hams, bad for the back. As a result I stopped doing them long ago. So now I have decided the I am going to work on my DL. First things first check the ego at the door. Easy for me to do since I train by myself and in my own gym. MISSION: find my DL groove.
so it went like this
DL 5x5 185# This was easy,but that was the point.
Get ups 32kg 5 min
Overhead sledgehammer strikes into tire 2x20 l,r

The DL was easy, but that is the point. If you can't find your groove with a light weight your form just gets worse as the pounds increase. Also you can make any weight heavy if you grind the whole movement. So there I was fighting every little inch with a weight that I could have just popped off the ground. If you would have just seen the tension in my in my body you would have thought I was lifting the world. So I really worked wedging myself between the bar ands the floor. It was so powerful what a great feeling. I will add weight slowly and take my sweet time and get my groove dialed in.


Anonymous said...

two very enthusuastic thumbs up for deadlifting! One thing I always keep in mind when I do it is something I read by Pavel, "Visualize your feet going through the deck when you pull." It makes the distance from the ground to your hips seem way shorter and the lift easier.

Mark Reifkind said...


try doing deadlifts to the knee. dl start like normal, but only to mid of the knee cap and PAUSE for a count before starting the next rep. If your knees are straight when the bar gets to the knee you know you are off. Great for the start and wedging and for learing how to keep the knees bent until after the bar is above the knee.

Christine Petty said...

You've probably heard this before, but I was always told to visualize your hips and shoulders coming up at the same time.