Thursday, May 24, 2007

How do you train?

I get this question several times a week. I have done power lifting and bodybuilding training in the past. In 2002 I bought a classic set of KBs and they changed my whole outlook. There is no longer back and bi day. No more tricep kickbacks or preacher curls. Nothing isolated or concentrated. That seems so long ago. It was fun, but not all that practical.

Now my focus is strength, endurance and flexibility. In the past I only had strength. I didn't really care about the rest. It was all how much weight can I lift and how big are my arms. The strange thing is I'm as strong as I have ever been and about 40 pounds lighter. The best of both worlds! How cool. All with out a pec deck or preacher bench. How is that possible? KETTLEBELLS!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't follow any hard and fast training schedule. I tend to rotate between heavy, light and endurance days. What I am feeling that day is what is next. Today is a prime example.

Pull ups 5X5 with a jump stretch monster mini band attached to my waist.
Double 32kg front squat 3x3 followed by see saw press 3x3 L,R
Battling ropes 2x20 seconds of each of the following
overhand alternating waves
underhand alternating waves
two hand overhand waves
two hand underhand waves

Training pull ups with the mini band is killer. The closer you get to the bar the harder it pulls. Boy do those suck! Front squat see saw combo was easy. The Battling Ropes are brutal. If you have never used them check out the site.

To answer the question from the title. I train for strength, endurance and flexibility. Everything Else is just gravy.


Dustin Silveri said...

HAHA I agree 100% with you. back and bi's.... hell no. do 100 snatches and see which is more intense!

oh well, people will never learn!

Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

I still have a client or two that want to train that way. I am slowly converting them.

BJ Bliffert said...

Hey Doug, I like the idea of usingthe band for pull up resistance. What do you use to attach the band to the deck?

Pullups are my worst movement, deperately trying to get them up, while being patient.


Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

I use a 95# dumbbell and loop it around the handle. If I need more tension I just wrap it another time or two around the handle.

Anonymous said...
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BJ Bliffert said...

OK, I feel stupid. That would have been the obvious thing to do. See what happens when you think too much.