Monday, May 14, 2007

Grind away

Time to practice. Today was an emotionally draining day as a trainer. One of those days when all your clients are having big issues outside of the gym. I don't mind clients puking there problems during the session. I actually like the fact that they feel that comfortable with around me. I try not to offer much in the way of an opinion, but to offer them a place to vent. Days like today fry my brain. So I wasn't to jazzed about my training.

swings 24kg 3x20 to get the blood moving.
DL 3x3 195 EASY
40kg hack squats 3x3 Kept good tension all 3 sets
BW pistols 3x5L,R

The DL is killing me mentally. In the past I have done 365 for reps, but my form was trash. The weight is not the problem just need to grease the groove. PATIENCE!!!! ARRRRR!!!


Mark Reifkind said...

I hear you there doug; the hardest parto fmeing a trainer is being half psychologist.and that is the draining part. even just having to hear it.
do you have any video of your dl form? would like to see it

Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

Hey Rif, I don't but I will work on getting it to you. My hips used to pop up and the it turned into a stiff legged DL. SO I have been wedging, tension the whole ball of wax. Form is 1000 times better, just want to have it right before the weight go up.

Royce said...

I couldn't do what you guys do. Training for me is a way to take out the trash in my head. Bills, school, kids pushing their boundries, money, all of it just fades to black when I get under a bar or touch the handle of a kb.
I couldn't sit and listen to people "vent" during training time.
Much respect to ya'll

Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

I would have never thought that when I started training people ten years ago it would be like this.

Christine Petty said...

I have a NSCA-CPT, you'll never catch me using it on a client!