Monday, May 7, 2007

Start of a new week

One of my trainers bought a body fat% scale over the weekend, so we did some comparisons. Here is what I noticed. It was high on me because of my height. 5'7" and 185 pounds seems off as far as the scale is concerned. I had my % done before I got on the scale and I came in at 12.07%. The scale had me at 16.4%. She thought that she had purchased a piece of junk, but I don't think so. It gives you a number to start with. Is it high? In my case yes. Does it mean you can't use it to measure fat lose? NO. It will still measure a lose of % and that is all that matters. People tend to worry about the number to much. Instead they need to focus on making that number smaller.

Toady's work
Double 24kg clean and jerk 90 reps in 9 min.
Military press with a 6kg stacked on top of a 24kg 2x3l,r

The clean and jerks took a ton out of me I haven't trained them for a long time

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Anonymous said...

for real, you have keep the 3-5% variation in mind with those body fat checkers...I just did one last week, and it said I was at 14%?!?! So did it again and it said 14.7%...which is a little better, but caliper testing puts me closer to the 16/17% range. I'll belive that over the hand-held device.