Monday, January 21, 2008

24 hour fitness

I went to a 24 hr fitness today to mess around. I made several observations.

They had almost 60 pieces of cardio.
Does a recumbent bike really need armrests?
Lets do some bicep curls and bench press.
Not one real pullup bar in the whole place.
If you are a personal trainer shouldn't you look the part.
People don't know how to squat.
Kettlebells ROCK
You should flex in the mirror in between sets.
Don't sweat on anything!


Anonymous said...

HAHAH! I love it!
I went to a commercial gym when I was down at R-phase...it was free with the hotel stay. I nearly had an anxiety attack! All those obnoxious colors, and shiney machine things making noises, and the mirrors! oh the mirrors! and yeah, no real pull-up bar, only two squat racks, no DLing spot, and talk about some people checking me out. I prefer my buns NOT to be watch during deadlifts, thanks very much. YIKES! I was out after 3 sets of pull ups and DL, and you'd think I was an alien by the looks I got! I guess I'm suppoed to "hang out" more in front of the mirror. My bad.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and one of the squat racks was being occupied by a bicep curler. What the hey?!?!?

Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...

it has been years since I've been in a gym. I got the same looks as I banged out pistols and one arm straight bar presses. Yeah there was a bicep guy in the squat rack as well.

Mark Reifkind said...

LOL!! me too:

"does a recumbent bike reallyneed arm rests!"

I havent been in a gym since I closed mine in 1998.

Bob said...

Does this mean that 24 hour fitness would kick me out for doing Bob Angels??? Snow angels with sweat... I have issues!